About Us

“EXTREME ADVENTURE CAMP” is pioneering project in Georgia, which offers unique experience to active and extreme adventurers from over the world and offers activities consisting the enjoyment of nature and culture combined with physical action, such as climbing, canyonning, caving, rafting, mountain biking, ziplining, slacking and hiking. Camp has two main locations, in Tsalka ragion, village Beshtasheni and Imereti region, village Sveri. Both locations are surrounded by rocks, canyons, caves, lakes and lots of other exciting places. Camp provides accommodation in wood cottages and tents and is equipped with all necessary functional units, such as toilet, shower, cafeteria, equipment rent house, picnic area and garden of stillness.

who we are

“Camp is owned” and operated by two founders and lovers of adventure life, Guga and Levan. The first idea with camp came from our long time dedication to climbing, which still appears our major motion in life and business, when we first step in Imereti, in the mountain area of Katskhi pillar in the spring of 2008. Later we started investigating rocky places in Georgia and identified marvelous rock faces of Sveri and Dashbashi Canyon. The idea to settle the camp grew pretty quickly with us.

Camp Team