Caves in Chiatura and Tsalka Region may regard as one of the interesting and yet unexplored treasure of Georgia. Magic caves are full with stunning draperies of stalactites and stalagmites. Data’s and Cotia’s Caves are located in Imereti, Chiatura municipality, village Sveri. They are around 1 km long with two-three floors and several halls with easy, moderate and hard difficulty level. It is possible to walk through the length of 600 meters in the cave’s territory and visit the halls with special cave uniform provided by us in the camp. Discover hanging waterfalls as a real magnum opus of nature in these Caves. For more information about Caving visit here


Price for 2 person group per day – 150 euro (group price)
Price for 4 person group per day – 230 euro (group price)
Price for 6 person group per day – 300 euro (group price)
Price for 8 person group per day – 370 euro (group price)

Price includes 5mm wet suits, helmet, harness, full technical equipment,  2  certified guides, energetic snakes in cave

Other charges:

Price of transfer from Tbilisi and back 1-3 person – 50 euro, 4-6 person – 100 euro, 8 – 170 euro 
Price of transfer from Kutaisi and back – 1-3 person 50 euro, 4-6 person 90 euro, 8 – 150 euro
Price of barbecue and Georgian wine after the tour (Optional) – 20 euro (per person)
Camping Price in wood cottage -double bedroom per night – 60 euro (room price)
Camping Price in wood cottage – six bedroom per night – 120 euro (room price)
Camping Price in two person tent per night (with full sleeping set) 20 euro (tent price)
Camp price includes Breakfast and suffer