The rocks in Imereti and Tsalka region have relatively easy access. Majority of the routes are in the shade during most of the day which makes it and ideal for climbing during hot summer days. There are more than 100 routes with 10-25 meters, with grades ranging 5A to 8B. The area has still lots of potential and open for more establishment. Should you decide to open and bolt new lines or need a climbing guide please contact our camp administration. For more information about climbing visit here


Price for 1 person group per day – 100 euro
Price for 2 person group per day – 150 euro (group price)
Price for 3 person group per day – 180 euro (group price)
Price for 4 person group per day – 200 euro (group price)

Price includes guide service and all kind of climbing gear except climbing shoes.

Other charges:
Price of transfer from Tbilisi and back – 1-3 person – 60 euro, 4-6 person – 100 euro, 8 – 170 euro
Price of transfer from Kutaisi and back – 1-3 person – 50 euro, 4-6 person – 90 euro, 8 – 150 euro
Price of barbecue and Georgian wine after climbing (Optional) 20 euro (per person)
Camping Price in wood cottage – double bedroom per night – 60 euro (room price)
Camping Price in wood cottage – six bedroom per night – 120 euro (room price)
Camping Price in two person tent per night (with full sleeping set) 30 euro (tent price)
Camp price includes breakfast and suffer