Mountain Biking

Our mountain bike from top brand – Specialized – is ideal for riders who want to ride on and off road terrain. Our ride curves a pitches overlooking incredible views of cliffs, canyons, lakes and other nice places. You can have a view on the famous Katskhi pillar or Dashbashi canyon from a small distance. The terrain is moderate with few obstacles. Short segments of slick rock and single track riding give riders a taste of mountain biking without the risks that are more prevalent for beginners on the more advanced trails. For more information about Biking visit here


Price – for 2 person group per day 150 euro (group price)
Price – for 5 person group per day 250 euro (group price)
Price – for 8 person group per day 300 euro (group price)
Price – for 10 person group per day 350 euro (group price)

Price includes first rate bike – Specialized, Helmet, headlamp, guide, Water Bottle and energetic snacks. 

Other charges:
Price of transfer from Tbilisi and back – 1-3 person – 60 euro, 4-6 person – 100 euro, 8-10 – 170 euro
Price of transfer from Kutaisi and back – 1-3 person – 50 euro, 4-6 person – 90 euro, 8-10 – 150 euro
Price of barbecue and Georgian wine after the tour (Optional) – 20 euro (per person)
Camping Price in wood cottage – double bedroom per night – 60 euro (room price)
Camping Price in wood cottage – six bedroom per night – 120 euro (room price)
Camping Price in two person tent per night (with full sleeping set) – 30 euro (tent price)
Camp price includes breakfast and suffer