Camp offers large specter of adventure services, which are available seasonally. For more information, please go in to service package list. For corporate offers, please contact us via webpage, Facebook, e-mail or phone.


The rocks in Imereti and Tsalka region have relatively easy access. Majority of the routes are in the shade during most of the day which makes it and ideal for climbing during hot summer days. There are more than 100 routes with 10-25 meters, with grades ranging 5A to 8B

Mountain Biking

Our mountain bike from top brand – Specialized – is ideal for riders who want to ride on and off road terrain. Our ride curves a pitches overlooking incredible views of cliffs, canyons, lakes and other nice places


Caves in Chiatura and Tsalka Region may regard as one of the interesting and yet unexplored treasure of Georgia. Magic caves are full with stunning draperies of stalactites and stalagmites. Chilly condition in summer is perfect time for a tour


There are people who other than just camping, like light or heavy backpack hiking to explore nature in a most touchy way. We offer plenty of possibilities for such travelers should they decide to start hiking from our camps


Rafting tours with us is fun, adventurous, and provides extreme experience. Our experienced guides and modern gear guarantee safe tours in rivers and lakes. Georgia has numerous mountain rivers it gives a perfect opportunity


The Dashbashi canyon, Sveri, Chiatura and Zodi Zipline tours are a unique tour through gorgeous valleys and forest. We made ziplining fun and safe for everyone